minoru sato m/s selected work
selected works
Land of Corrosion, 2019
Thermal Acoustics, 2018
Land of Corrosion, 2017
Heat Shimmer 2015 at Yo no Bi tour/ full of noise, UK
Thermal Acoustics 2015 at Audiograft, Oxford UK
Sundance for Sundown; suspended body, tiny ballet and desire 2014, Milano Italy
Thermal Acoustics 2013 at EchoSonics ISEA, Sydney
Thermal Acoustics 2010 at Gallery 20202, Tokyo
surface: on moving helical spring at Wako University, Tokyo
irregularity / homogeneity : emerging from the perturbation field 2010 at ARTeSONoro, Madrid
transportability of variation as translation at Wako University, Tokyo
TIME HAS NO HISTORY -Map of INAGE at Villa of 'Kamiya Denbei' , Chiba
observation of thermal states through a stationary wave at HappyNewEars, Kortrijk Belgium
Practice for locality and non-locality derived from diffraction of lights
irregularity / homogeneity : emerging from the perturbation field
Redirecting sunlight with convergence lenses and optical fibers: and its effect
emerging from the perturbation field, Tokyo 1995
Surface, Aoyama Street , Tokyo 1995
linear manifold at SoundCulture Japan 1993, Old salt-storehouse of Yurin-kan , Kiryu
Sound of electro-magnetic field by fluorescent Lamp, 1991
(singular) piece
irregularity / homogeneity (2006)
circuit model of physical vibration for power source