minoru sato m/s selected work / installation / 2008_Happy New Ears
observation of thermal states through a stationary wave 4 x glass tubes
Sep.13th - 28th 2008 at Crypt -Happy New Ears 2008 - in Kortrijk (Belgium)
materials: 4x glass tubes (d:62mm l:1200mm), 2 x lights, 4 x microphones + loudspeaker with 4ch custommade amplifiers, electro luminescence sheet, silkscreen on acrylic board
concerning the system
4x glass tubes (d:62mm l:1200mm) as observation spaces
2 x lights as heaters
4 x microphones + loudspeaker with 1 x 4ch custommade amplifiers as audio amplification

setting 2 x glass tubes in the normal thermal state and 2 x tubes in the heating state. catching the internal sound at one of the glass tubes and transmitting the sound to the next space. doing this procedure over and over. as a result, the natural resonance frequencies must be emphasized. in this case, 2 sets of resonances will rise from 2 kinds of thermal states. the difference between thermal states
観測空間として4×ガラス管(径:62mm 長さ:1200mm)
加熱用照明として 2×500ワット