minoru sato m/s selected work / installation / 1995 Surface

at Aoyama Street, Tokyo, 1995
material: small loudspeaker, small dry battery, thin wires
In Apr. 1995, at street of AOYAMA in Tokyo, I have installed my pieces in public space at several ad signboards which had been mounted on various trees along a particular street. Of course I had gotten no permission to install them. Perhaps the ad boards might be also gotten no official approval as well. The pieces consist of a small loudspeaker, a small dry battery and thin wires. The electric cables were directly attached by soldering to the ropes of sign boards in order to make up electrical contact points, so it was seemingly suspicious objects. I was thinking the ad boards have caught various physical vibrations, from winds, traffic and other aspects of street events. So, I made up the electrical contact points. My pieces had been making out small noise sounds were generated by the electricity intermittently occurring at the contact points. This work was done under the strictest security conditions in Tokyo due to the cult's serious terrorist attack of a massacre. Interestingly, the piece was still in place a few months later.

この作品は青山の公共の歩道にある数本の街路樹に非公式に設置した。それら街路樹には不法に広告用の看板が既に取り付けられており、これはその状況を利用した作品である。 看板用のワイヤーに電気的接点を取り、風や自動車の交通といった要素により振動する接点は、その接触が行われたときのみ乾電池による電流がスピーカーに流れ、小さなノイズ音を発するという非常に簡素なシステムであり、一見すると怪しい物体である。 これは1995年4月に試みた展示であり、カルト教団による地下鉄サリン事件後の厳戒態勢下の中で密かに行ったものである。興味深いことに数ヶ月後もこの作品はそのまま設置されていた。

minoru sato -m/s, 1995