minoru sato m/s selected work / installation / 2009_transportability
transportability of variation as translation
material: solar cells, LED, light bulb,loudspeaker, audio amplifier and so on
Concerning audio system; this system does not transmit 'sound' as physical phenomenon itself, as you know well. This is something which delivers variations of amplitude of audible vibration which are measurable. Purpose of this is to transport the variations to the different place and time. I want to regard this as translation system that links with different phenomena together and moreover links different concepts together. In case to link with the different phenomena according with purpose of transportation, we have to consider various material conditions. The conditions are temporary and expediency, because they are selected in order to essentially connect with different concepts which accompany physical phenomena. This process is completely equivalent to a complexity to translate texts in general.
This work is a model for translation as self-reference. Also it presents a model for transportability of variation as translation.
In the case of physical vibration as sound, one of the measurable physical quantities is variation of amplitude. The variation is conveyed with several phenomena that are to become a vibration of electrical voltage and a shift of illumination intensity. On the other hand it is necessary to set up obvious, temporary and expedient conditions in order to separate measurable variation from various factors on real phenomena. The phenomena and system as a way of transmission are selected by these conditions. This means that both measurable quantity and temporary and expedient conditions are conveyed at the same time. In a way, when the conditions are obvious, it is possible to translate anything that satisfies the conditions.
This work shows several illuminant phenomena based on the conditions in translation of a speaking voice and a real time feedback, and also presents how to acquire high transportability from these conditions. I attempt to make clear how to preserve the variation which is translated.