minoru sato m/s selected work / installation / 2002 Redirecting Sunlight
Redirecting sunlight with convergence lenses and optical fibers: and its effect

at BEELDEN BUITEN/ FRACTALS, Tielt Belgium, 2002
material: convergence lenses, stands, optical fibers, plant
turning toward an exhibition 'Fractals'
In this exhibition, my work is to subtly displace the "activity" of a specific space where an installation work is, and to shed light on the peculiar nature of the activity of the space by this displacement.
The general idea of a specific space is a specialization of the position of space coordinates, and it's domain. This can be called one concept positioned in an ideal frame called absolute coordinates. However, actual space is defined by the relation with the other spaces. This idea is one of relativity. Furthermore, in the case of actual space, we not only see the position of the space coordinates, we also see the relationship with the activities in other spaces and look for the peculiar nature of the space. In this sense, not even the actual specific space can be pinpointed by the relation of position of the space coordinates such as an ideal frame. In order to pinpoint one specific space, we have to see activity inside the space. In a way, seeing the activity leads to a general idea which describes a specific space.
The work that I propose will present the activity of a specific space which emerges by subtly displacing the activity of the space, itself. It has not yet been decided how the activity of the space will be treated. However I think that the plan of this work will be made up from the two factors of the garden and the theme called 'fractals'.
My thoughts are that the fractal in a mathematic-sense can be grasped as the equation of circulation - a form looping and with feedback. I am not a mathematician and not necessarily educated in fractal theory, either. But I can imagine a sort of solution to the equation of circulation, from my past work with programming computer simulations in order to analyze physical phenomena by using repeated calculations. While the equation of a circulating form repeats a calculation, basically, it is a question of whether it goes toward a convergent or divergent solution. However, in the case of a fractal, a certain similar pattern shall be repeatedly formed. I think of this like a special solution to fit in an idea of distribution, instead of an unique idea which becomes either convergent or divergent solution. The relative idea (a certain state and activity which draws a repeated and similar pattern) of distribution may be one of the available ways.

When the activity of the space is considered, the concept of a fractal might suggest an equilibrium maintaining a distribution range, which has it's own internal activity. This is different from determinism-prediction where one convergence solution is found (i.e. indeterminacy -prediction in a certain meaning). This would be a suitable concept which can express the activity of the space itself, performed over a period of time.
As I mentioned above, my work is giving slight displacement to this activity. Is a balance of the activity broken by this displacement, or is a new balance produced? In other words, does this displacement become a displacement which does break a balance or not? This is not predictable at the present time. However, I hope that my work can clarify the activity in the space by such displacement.

I'd like also to introduce one plan of mine below. This is a plan treating a physical change and an ecological action. 'Redirecting sunlight with a convergence lens and optical fibers: and it's effect' (working title) I will choose a shaded area in the garden as my exhibition space. This work consists of a convergence lens, a bundle of optical fibers, a specific plant/flower and equatorial tripod of telescope (with motor drive system). A bundle of optical fibers transports sunlight into the shaded space. In addition to the original plants which grows wild, the specific plant grown by another ecosystem is planted in the space. The redirected sunlight sheds light on the specific plant, and works to make the plant grow. The light which is not superfluous is efficiently transportable by using the bundle of optical fibers, convergence lens, and the equatorial tripod that follows the motion of the sun automatically. By the subtle displacement of the light and the plant which were carried into the activity of this space, this plan will become to throw the original activity of this space into relief more vividly.

minoru sato -m/s, 2002