minoru sato m/s selected work / installation / 2009_inage
site-specific installation, Jan.14th - 25th 2009 at Villa of 'Kamiya Denbei'- in Inage, Chiba
material: steel plates with rust + seawater + wire (for showing physical phenomena), slide projector, acrylic text panel, luminescence sheet and so on
Story for 'Villa of Kamiya Denbei':
Until the middle of 20 century, Inage area was a long beautiful beach, and the place had prospered as resort of Tokyo's suburb. Denbei Kamiya's villa was built in 1918 -around 90 years ago- as concrete building of modern western style, it's still located at the place now. Residents and visitors of the villa had been enjoying to see the sea in that age. In 1960's, the beach and sea were reclaimed, and became new land which is called Mihama area now. At present new seashore that has been created as artificial beach, is located at 2km distance from Inage area.

the text panels:

90 years ago, here was seashore, and this villa had faced sea.

90 years later, here will be seashore, and this villa will face sea.

It's possible to regard 'right' as having same degree of certainties in the both paragraphs.
It might be possible for us to certainly predict a state of world as 1 second future. As same as the degree of future prediction, it might be possible for us to certainly know a past state of world of 1 second ago. A certainty of past history is same as degree of future prediction. In a way, past has an uncertainty as same degree of future.
Time has no history as certainty.
In order to understand this world much better, we have to dispose of a concept of 'history' which has been supported by 'certainty.' It increases uncertainty that a distance of time either past or future is far. Things that are kept observations on can only obtain certainties within the term of observation.

A map in which the iron plate is cut by hand and the name of the place is projected by a slide projector, and the map of the landfill where the part of iron plate is corrosioned by the seawater of Tokyo Bay.