minoru sato m/s profile
minoru sato -m/s, he is an artist who is working in interdisciplinary realm related with sound, light and other natural phenomena. He was born in 1963, Sendai and lives and works in Kamakura city Kanagawa prefecture Japan. He is interested in the relationship between the description of nature and artistic representation, creating artworks as physical phenomena presented with various concepts. His creative activities emerge in the form of installations, multiples, performances, and texts. He has established a label called "WrK" for creative activities in 1994, and had been running the label until 2006. He produces music as a solo artist, and a project under the name SASW, and also in a collaboration project with ASUNA, IL GRANDE SILENZIO, 'f u r' and so on. Alongside these activities, he curates contemporary art exhibitions and events. He was working as an art curator at Kawasaki City Museum from 1991 until 2011, and at Sendai Mediatheque from 2011 until 2013.

佐藤実 -m/s:アーティスト。仙台出身、鎌倉在住。自然記述と芸術表現の関係に関心を持ち、さまざまな自然現象と多様な概念に基づいたインスタレーション、パフォーマンス、出版、執筆などの制作活動を行っている。同時に音楽活動としてソロやSASW名義、ASUNAとの共作、バンドIL GRANDE SILENZIO、f u rなどがある。また学芸員として展覧会、アートイベントの企画を行っている。1994年-2006年アーティスト活動のためのレーベルWrKを設立、運営。公立美術館学芸員として1991年-2011年川崎市市民ミュージアム、2011年-2013年せんだいメディアテークに勤務。