minoru sato m/s selected work / installation / 1995 emerging from the perturbation field at Gallery KIGOMA, Tokyo
emerging from the perturbation field

at Gallery KIGOMA, Tokyo, 1995
material: handmade coils, fluorescent Lamps, audio amplifier, speaker unit, silkscreen on acrylic panels
perturbation field
In the following, I want to reflect on the perception of phenomena and the related cognition. Usually we see events as caused by a phenomenon and this phenomenon being formed by facts. But it is for certain that there exist various fields which create these facts. And it seems that the perturbation fields interact with all these fields. The fields which exist behind the phenomena are formed by even more microscopic and more differentiated fields. In a certain sense, a phenomenon is a warp resulting from a perturbation which comes from an interference of all these fields.
I think, our cognition of the phenomena is inclined by a separating and unifying view of the complex interference of these fields. The meaning of phenomena is reached by deciding for uniqueness. By this, we will achieve only a limited perception from one point of view. This perspective, depending just on this one sided vision, will make the phenomena appear to be separate and unique. Thus our space is dominated by the cognitively perceived environment consisting of various separated phenomena.

But we could imagine our conceptual view, the cognition of phenomena and the fields generating these phenomena to be different facts and we could also imagine that there are interfering facts which are supported by a different concept. We have to reconsider our points of view, so that we can connect both concepts. It requires an activity to perceive these fields which are hidden behind the phenomena. Finally the various separated cognitions will start to distribute more strongly according to the interferential concept which is accompanies the shifting of passages. It is important for us, to transfer our cognition from separativity to distributivity. I think, it will be possible for us to achieve this distributivity, if we are able to gain clear perturbations from the phenomena. In a way, the actual phenomena have purturbed our cognition continuously.。

minoru sato -m/s, 1995