minoru sato m/s publications
7inch vinly Tottering Steps collabration with ASUNA published by meeuw muzak, NL/BE
CD compilation From here to everywhere published by VLZ PRODUKT, Japan
Mic. Raw Performance Rust Condenser Vibration Pickup published by Edition cococara, Japan, limited 10 copies with signature / 自家製振動ピックアップ : 誘電効果として第二酸化鉄粉、鉄粉、酸化金属片の混合を封入。酸化鉄粉が貯め込んだ電子の音が聞け、コンタクトマイクとしても使用可能。
CASSETTE with BOX duplicate copy of RUST MAGNETIC TAPE published by Edition cococara, Japan, limited 60 copies with signature
CASSETTE fine pattern S.A.S.W. published by winds measure recordings 43, US / reissure of WrK released in 1995, letter press cover
7inch vinyl magnetic pendulum published by Senufo Editions, Italy / limited 20 copies
CD Sex God Sex published by Senufo Editions, Italy / 4th full length solo album, letter press cover
7inch vinyl Dry Like / Empty Kettle IL GRANDE SILENZIO, published by Meeuw Muzak, NL
CD IL GRANDE SILENZIO published by Two Acorns, US & JP / IL GRANDE SILENZIO is a band of Minoru Sato (devices) with Atsuo Ogawa (banjo+voice)
CD Measure In Nature with ASUNA published by Autumn Records, US & JP / 3rd album of a collaboration with ASUNA
Audio download BEYOND THE HORIZON published by Audition Records, Germany / 3Japanese compilation curated by Seiji Morimoto.
12inch LP / one side only irregularity / homogeneity: emerging from the perturbation field published by senufo editions, Italy / 3rd solo album, white vinyl, with concept art work by graphics, silkscreen cover
3inch CD compilationUMU remix my piece is a remix of utah kawasaki, published by ao to ao, japan
12inch LP One as Two with ASUNA published by senufo editions, Italy / clear vinly, silkscreen cover / 2nd album of a collaboration with ASUNA, but most early composition and recording pieces
Book+DVD Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking Nicolas Collins (Author) / published by Routledge, USA / audio visual piece 'VALVE/MEMBRANCE' by valve / membrance - Keisuke Oki, ASUNA, Minoru Sato, movie by Minoru Sato
CD compilationHAPPY NEW EARS published by HAPPY NEW EARS+GONZO, Kortrijk Belgium / audio piece 'VALVE/MEMBRANCE OP.4' by valve / membrance - Keisuke Oki, ASUNA, Minoru Sato
CD Texture in glass tubes and reed orga with ASUNA published by by Spekk, Japan
CD NRF Amplification private release, Japan / 2nd full length solo, resonances by glass tubes
3inch CD COMPOSITION for voice performer composition for Ami Yoshida / published by aotoao, Japan
CD+book compilation Improvised Music from Japan / IMJ 2005 published by Improvised Music from Japan, japan / audio piece 'Linear Manifold (Multiple Version, 1994)'
Exhibition Catalogue BEELDEN BUITEN 2002/ FRACTALS published by CCGildhof, Belgium / contribution of text and drawing 'Redirecting sunlight with convergence lenses and optical fibers: and its effect'
CD with Booklet compilationSocial Music published by Errant Bodies Press, USA / peper 'sociality as aftereffect', audio pieces 'music on lighting of highway' 'social body/fluent body'
Publication Book + DVD-ROM Amplitude of Chance published by Kawasaki City Museum (ISBN4-9900206-1-8), Japan / editing and paper 'Amplitude of Chance: The Horizon of Occurrences'
Exhibition Catalogue with CD compilationBetween Sound and Vision published by UIC (University of Illinois at Chicago) , USA / audio piece 'extract from the perturbation field #2'
Book Selected works achim wollscheid published by Selektion, Germany / contribution 'about an artwork operating on a specific place to let a potential activity emerge from it'
CD compilationJust about Now published by V2 archief, The Netherlands / text and audio piece 'observation of thermal states through wave phenomena based on a specific boundary condition'
Exhibition Catalogue humor y aliento published by Ex-Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City
Exhibition Catalogue with CD Sound Art sound as media published by InterCommunication Center (ISBN4-57571-7009-2), Japan / text 'finding of a state of light: distribution of luminous intensity and its fluctuation', audio pieces 'a fine day/a rainy day'(m/s) 'days of the sky mix'(SASW)
Book with CD compilationSite of Sound: of Architecture & the Ear published by Errant Bodies Press and SMART ART PRESS , USA / paper 'Place concerning its concept and measurement' and so on, audio piece
CD compilation Tulpas 5 sets omnibus CD published by SELEKTION, Germany / audio piece and text '--in blank/--on sound'
Publication / sonic perception 1996/ published by Kawasaki City Museum, Japan / editing and paper 'Dynamic Perception'
CD ful with Toshiya Tsunoda / published by SELEKTION , Germany
CD compilation/ WrK COMPILATIONpublished by WrK, WrK004cd, Japan / audio pieces 'continuum and dispersion'(m/s) 'characterization of ful'(S.A.S.W.)
Cassette / fine pattern by SASW / published by WrK WrK003cs, Japan
Multipul piece with CD/ perturbation field and the equilibrium/ released by WrK 002mlt, Japan / 1st full length solo, the cover by white vinyl chloride printing and hand cutting limited 300 copies with signature
Cassette ful with Toshiya Tsunoda published by WrK WrK001cs, limited edition, Japan
Multiple piece, with Digital Audio Tape storaged in a wooden box / contact electricity/ private release limited 15 copies with signature, Japan