minoru sato m/s texts / Note for Land of Corrosion – a few practices related with Iron Oxide
Note for “Land of Corrosion – a few practices related with Iron Oxide”
minoru sato -m/s, 2017
At a land that there is oxygen, it's impossible for all metals to be apart from corrosion. The free electrons of the metals bond with oxygen, then the metals change to more stable substances. That process is known as oxidation which is a most famous phenomenon as one of corrosions. Furthermore the process produces oxide which is called as rust as we know.
Oxygen is an essential substance for biological activity. Everywhere in the world where we live in, all metals are exposed to the process of oxidation. That is inevitable. In a way, we can only live in a land of corrosion, surrounded by rust where we have no choice. As fact, there is no metal that has pure surface in our world we can live. Every surface of metals has been corrosion. The natural thing is rust rather than metal. Because a lot of metal has been obtained from oxide. That is by refining, and is an artificial.
The red rust comes from iron, the verdigris rust comes from copper, both are produced at an ordinary temperature, and are most familiar as oxide. Both processes are exothermic reaction, and both have been used as pigments from ancient time. As materials of pigment, or as basic materials of metals by refining, we can realize that a lot of rusts have been investigated and have been utilized as tools since long time in human being history. On the other hand, the rusts often are trouble substance in our contemporary daily life surrounded by metal materials. It's symbolizing degradation over time.
Concerning oxidation, we have explicated the principle of that, therefore we can approximately estimate that at where and when it will happen. However it is impossible for us to predict that as determinacy. Thus, on my art work, there is no intention to find and reveal some new fact for oxidation. I'd just deal with a paramagnetism and a dielectric as properties of matter for the iron oxide / red rust. My intention is simple, I hope my work would lead us to get an imagination for the idea of land of corrosion.
Perhaps the rust is not so attractive much for ordinary people compared with any pure metals. Because the metals are even unstable substance, but they have been utilized for a lot of tools. The rust is stable, but for instance red rust is a trouble substance of iron tools. Anyway most of the pure metals are artificial, we have obtained them by refining some sorts of rust. The rust is natural. I just feel, on the rust which is a substance produced as a natural process in our world where we can live, there might be something that should be learned for us, more than artificial.

Rust Capacitor Sensor
Iron oxide is dielectric material which is blocked electricity. The permittivity of its is higher than glass, plastic and so on. It may be possible to utilize the iron oxide as stuffs of capacitor logically. So I have decided to make a plate capacitor of simple structure by using a rust metal plate and normal metal plates. That handmade capacitor has various static capacitances which depend on the point at the locations of plate, and the range of the value is from a few nano farad to some hundred micro farad reached. Furthermore the values are unstable and changing itself to be caused by any physical factors related to conditions of rust. I have guessed there is possibility that the capacitor may be a kind of sensor for detection of what the conditions vary. Then I designed to set it up physical vibrations caused by changing capacitances to be feedback, and to set up the other metal plate as one side of electrodes tracing the surface of the rust plate. In a way, ‘Rust Capacitor Sensor' is an apparatus in order to make audible phenomena from variations of electric charges, which are stocked into the rust, as ununiform corrosion. It may be say that the sound seems whistle of winds on ‘Land of Corrosion’ in poetic words.