video documentation

more large size =>"FACT of RECORDINF FACT"

more large size =>"sun dance for sundown; suspended body, tiny ballet and desire "

more large size =>"Thermal Acoustics 2010"


more large size =>"heavy beat machine Sex GOD Sex at Club ADD in Oct. 2012"

more large size =>"Built in Room"

more large size =>"live at gallery Chifuriguri in Jul.30, 2011"

more large size =>"Thermal Acoustics live version at Super Deluxe in Nov.12, 2011"

more large size =>"live 3.Sep.2011 at instrumetalize in SENDAI"

more large size => kinetic installation "surface : on moving helical spring"

more large size => sound-light installation "irregularity / homogeneity : emerging from the perturbation field 2010" at ARTe SONoro, Madrid

more large size => sound-light installation "transportability of variation as translation"

more large size => sound-light installation "Observation of Thermal States through a stationary wave" at Happy New Ears, Kortrijk Belgium

more large size => llight installation "Practice for locality and non-locality derived from diffraction of lights"

more large size => "COMPOSITION for Voice Performer 1997"

more large size => "live document at SuperDeluxe in 3 Aug. 2009"

"minoru sato & ASUNA live document at exRealm in 27 Dec. 2008"

"valve/membrance system digest"

"NRF Amp 4 x glass vases with slow arpeggio"
"NRF Amp 4 x glass vases with electroacoustic sound" by minoru sato(m/s, SASW), live at July. 28 2008, Tokyo

more large size => "3 on 3 loops" by minoru sato(m/s, SASW) + ASUNA, live at Feb. 11 2005, Kawasaki

more large size =>
"Circuit Model of physical vibration for power source" performance at Sep. 2002, Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts

"structure of finite difference and its concept" installation at Mar. 2003, OffSite Tokyo

"Music by Room -a study of I'm sitting in a room" performance at Jul. 2005, Kawasaki

'valve/membrance' by Keisuke Oki, Minoru Sato, Asuna
live at transmediale08
interview at TM08