Minoru Sato

General works

1989- : artist activities under the name 'm/s' , 'SASW'
1992- : Curator ( Kawasaki City Museum Dep. of Audio & Visual )

1994-2006 : WrK organizer
1987-1991 : Staff of some laboratories in National Science and Technology Agency
1982-1987 : Learning Theoretical Physics ( Quantum Electro-magnetic Dynamics )

Curation at Kawasaki City Museum
2006: exhibition "OFF STRIPES Žศ–อ—l‚ฬ‘@ื‚ศ‚้u‚ซ"
2006: exhibition "แฟ๒‚ฬ‘•’u@ผ–{r•v‚๐‚฿‚ฎ‚้ƒCƒ“ƒ^[ƒƒfƒBƒA‚ฬz–ฌ"
2005: exhibition "Writing Line & Lighting Line@•Mี‚ฦŒ๕ี"
2001: exhibition "Amplitude of Chance ‹๔‘R‚ฬU‚๊•"
invited artist: Achim Wollscheid (DE), Charly Steiger (DE), Peter Duimelinks (NL), Roel Meelkop (NL), Kapotte Muziek,Brandon LaBelle(US), Toshihiko Furuya, Michiyo Miyama, Mariko Asai, Shinichi Yanai, Jio Shimizu, Toshiya Tsunoda
1991 -:special studys' series event "sonic perception"
invited artist: Achim Wollscheid (DE), Alvin Lucier (US), Ami Yoshida, ASUNA, Atsuhiro Ito, Brandon LaBelle (US), Hans Christian Gilje (Norway), Hiroyuki Iida, Jio Shimizu, Kei Shimogawa, Kelly Davis (US), MERZBOW, Michiyo Miyama, Tatsuji Ushijima, Toshihiko Furuya, Toshiya Tsunoda, Utah Kawasaki,