sound installation
composition for fluctuations of sound objects;are placed in a space where there are multi sound system
basic concept 1994, realized 2012

this piece consists of sine waves of low frequencies.
the first idea in 1994 was by using sounds from 0hz to 20hz. In general, this range of frequencies is regarded as an out of range of human audible sense. I just had an interest in utilizing these frequencies in order to generate physical fluctuations of found objects which are placed in an audio room.
I hoped that this piece releases as an audio CD at that time. In a way, my first idea was a making site-specific piece by non-site audio ? i.e. I wanted to invite any variable factor to listening of recorded matter.
concerning presentation in Parisonic, I added a small change. Ifm using sounds of range from 15Hz to 30Hz as the basic elements. Also Ifm using 60Hz sine wave, instead of some found object in the space. 60Hz sound will be disturbed by the low frequencies, and a result of this arises various sound fluctuations as beats.
Also I recorded some clipping noises of an audio player caused by playing the low frequencies - these are unexpected sounds which are depended on the machine specifications. I'm using them as fluctuation of audio system.
All sound elements are played by random.
I hope audiences find fluctuations of low sounds as variable factor on each audible senses.

minoru sato -m/s 2012

this piece was written for PARISONIC
From September 2012, 11th to 23rd
Purepresence presents Parisonic Room,
the third edition of Parisonic at La Gaite Lyrique in Paris.