sound performance/installation
valve / membrance -recent version by Keisuke Oki, Minoru Sato, ASUNA
Sep.20th at Happy New Ears 2008 in Kortrijk (Belgium)

"Valve/Membrance" by Keisuke Oki, Minoru Sato, and ASUNA is an experimental project of the sound art concerning the network. They construct a material and / or an electric network by using the air flow. All instruments are connected via tubes to accumulate the air flow and to increase the air pressure.
Oki operates the valves that control the air flow and makes the sounds of wind instruments and a reed of each organ delicately.
The reed organ, whose mechanism is exposed, works as the energetic body integrating each reed. It is actually 'organ' that breathes, vibrates and outputs energy flexibly. The sound comes from vibrations of reeds produced not only by the air pressure from other devices, but also by own power (a suction motor). So it is practically tuned by ASUNA as the energetic body.
The other air flows which are sent to the resonant tubes, becoming air reeds to make sounds. Sato's system, which makes a network of a resonant tube connected to another one with a self-made electric amplifier, which emphasizes the natural resonance of the tubes itself and forms feedback in the space.
Through these processes, the entire concert place finally becomes the organization that breathes, vibrates and sends off energy, and plays music as the vibrating network.