sound installation
NRF Amplification
May20th - 22nd 2005 at CCNOA in Brussel

NRF Amplification:
A closed space such as a room or a vessel has a specific sound according to the material it is made of and its geometric form. This sound is called Natural Resonant Frequencies. I will be using two types of 'chambers': 2 glass tubes, and 3 glass vases. I will then transport the resonant frequency from one of the chambers to another, over and over again.
As a result, the natural resonant frequency of each type of chamber will be emphasized. In a way, the sounds in the surrounding rooms become sources of which only the resonant frequencies will resound. Besides the complex feedback, a locational relation between audiences and each chambers occurs. This means the feedback reacts on the actions of audience. I hope this installation will become an instrument played by the activities of the audience.