Built in Room -study case for “I’m sitting in a room”
2011 -

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この作品はAlvin Lucierの“I’m sitting in a room”と同様の手法で、今この場所における固有周波数の顕在化を試みる。













aim to amplify unique frequencies of now and here, this is a way similar as Alvin Lucier’s famous piece “I’m sitting in a room.”

I’m going to do just recording and playing sound again and again as similar as his piece.

The sound will become to emphasize unique frequencies of a room, and will be added new sound by recording over and over at the same time.

The frequencies depend on forms, materials, activities, states and so on which are composing the room.

How long it will need till an effective result appears?
It’s uncertain for me to estimate the time.
I can only guess that the sound will concentrate to mid-high band of resonant frequencies by the recorder’s specification.

My purpose is to create an air vibration which the room is sounding itself.
The vibration will have nothing of direction and variation.

It draws over all various sounds.
It’s just a phenomenon, and an artificial building, but it's invisible.
It is not intended to offer any musical experience.

It’s a concrete expression, and is something built in space and time.

It does not belong in each realm of visual expression or audible expression.

It belongs an art expression realm on both space and time.

It shows that a dynamical phenomena can become a strong way to know a static aspect for a potential of space issue.

Also it shows a possibility of music born from a practice in order to treat subject of space issues.

The performance is done again and again till an invisible building which lies outside of any variations appears.
1st presentation in Dec 30 2011 at 20202, Tokyo
2nd presentation in Jan 21 2012 at gallery chifuriguri, Sendai
3rd presentation in Oct 10 2012 at mfru, maribor, slovenia